Geodia is a publishing house founded in 1996 by Yvonne Marzoni Fecia Cossato that was first dedicated in creating special tourist cards called “cartoguide” and later in the creation of archaeological and nature guides of Egypt and the Red Sea.

The cartoguide, which consist of a detailed tourist map with a mini-guide that explains in a concise but essential way the main sites and monuments of a country, allowing you to have in a few minutes a complete overview of its main tourist attractions.
The cartoguide made from satellite and aerial images associated with a series of measurements with GPS (Global Position System) executed locally, concern over twenty countries and have had from the beginning a great success.

The next step was the creation of a series of pocket guides in four languages dedicated to Egypt and its monuments created in collaboration with the American University of Cairo, the Egypt Pocket Guide Collection, which are characterized by an impressive array of illustrations condensed into just 48 pages. Texts, photos, drawings and maps of the monuments are all original and manufactured especially after long campaigns of documentation on the ground.

Geodia has produced, among other things, the first card and the first guide of the Gilf Kebir National Park in Egypt for the Ministry of Environment of Egypt.

Geodia interests have subsequently turned to the Red Sea, and in particular to its fantastic underwater world, creating a guide, the Sinai Diving Guide, which explains all the main dive sites with 3D drawings made from data assembled with hundreds of dives and that quickly established itself as the work of reference for divers who frequent Red Sea. The Sinai Diving Guide was awarded at the Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine in Antibes with the Palme d’Or as the best guide of the underwater world.

Geodia, whose catalog has now exceeded 100 titles, has also an impressive archive of archaeological, tourist, and nature photographs, which includes more than 40,000 images and that makes them available to other publishers.

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