Giovanni Belzoni – Viaggi in Egitto ed in Nubia


Viaggi in Egitto ed in Nubia

by Alberto Siliotti

432 pages of Illustrations: 92 in color, 271 b/w

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A giant who performed games of force in British theaters and circuses who became a traveler, explorer and discoverer of monuments, the Paduan Giovanni Battista

Belzoni (1778 – 1823) was one of the main pioneers of the exploration of ancient Egypt in the nineteenth century. Its name is linked not only to the transport of the colossal bust of Pharaoh Ramesses II from his mortuary temple in Thebes to the British Museum, but also to the opening of the temple of Abu Simbel, to the discovery of the tomb of Sethi I in the Valley of the Kings and the entrance of the Chefren pyramid in Giza.

His travel journal, the only work of the great explorer, was defined by Howard Carter, the famous discoverer of Tutankhamun’s tomb, “The most fascinating book ever written on Egypt”.

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